Akroyd – #2/0 10xl


I have been tying up some Dee patterns for fishing lately, but every now and then you need to challenge yourself! Pulled out the longest hook I have – the Partridge CS15 – a #2/0 10xl hook that is made for classic streamer style patterns, but why not a Akroyd?



This pattern really stretched my material selection, especially the white turkey wing, but I managed to set a ok wing in the end.


The dropping JC could have been longer, but in the end I was happy with the result.


Putting this on a salmon scale shows the length of this massive fly.



  • Hook: Daiichi 2271 #1 – http://flyhooks.org/daiichi/2271 
  • Tag: UNI-French Twist Medium
  • Tail: Topping & Tippet
  • Butt: Black ostrich herl
  • Body: Green & Blue seals fur
  • Ribs: UNI-Mylar #10, Veevus French tinsel medium – counter-wrapped over hackle
  • Hackle: Black heron from middle of blue
  • Throat: Widgeon
  • Wings: Turkey
  • Cheeks: JC, drooping


Tying up a part of my salmon box with Dee patterns these days, today: Balmoral

The Carron


Hook: Blue Heron Spey #1 http://flyhooks.org/blue-heron/spey
Body: Orange Seals Fur
Rib: UNI Mylar #10, Veevus French tinsel (counter-rib)
Hackle: Heron
Throat: Teal
Wing: Mallard

A slight variation of The Carron: with sealsfur in the body.

Salmon nymphs


Last year I got a chance to fish for salmon up in northern Norway, a great place with small rivers that are perfect for single-hand fishing after atlantic salmon. This year I’ll go back up again, but during my tying sessions this winter I started to read more about other peoples experience when it comes to salmon fishing with a single-hand rod in small(er) rivers. During this process I read a article (in norwegian) on Granbo Flyfishing about nymphs and salmon fishing, and had to sit down to investigate more about fishing techniques and nymph patterns for salmon.

Tying up 9 of each pattern – here in #4, #6 and #8 is representative for what I do when I start looking into new patterns: repeat it in different sizes to get a feel for how it works and what is too little/much material and how they are when going down in size. I still have #10 and #12 (just recently got these sizes shipped) to tie up in these patterns, and then still some other patterns to complement this selection of nymphs, but I’ll leave that for another day soon.

All flies tied on Mustad R90, the pictures below are all on a #4.

Red Butt Nymph




Copper Nymph



Highlander Nymph



Grey and Silver Nymph




Gaula Nymph



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