Salmon nymphs

Last year I got a chance to fish for salmon up in northern Norway, a great place with small rivers that are perfect for single-hand fishing after atlantic salmon. This year I’ll go back up again, but during my tying sessions this winter I started to read more about other peoples experience when it comes to salmon fishing with a single-hand rod in small(er) rivers. During this process I read a article (in norwegian) on Granbo Flyfishing about nymphs and salmon fishing, and had to sit down to investigate more about fishing techniques and nymph patterns for salmon.

Tying up 9 of each pattern – here in #4, #6 and #8 is representative for what I do when I start looking into new patterns: repeat it in different sizes to get a feel for how it works and what is too little/much material and how they are when going down in size. I still have #10 and #12 (just recently got these sizes shipped) to tie up in these patterns, and then still some other patterns to complement this selection of nymphs, but I’ll leave that for another day soon.

All flies tied on Mustad R90, the pictures below are all on a #4.

Red Butt Nymph


Copper Nymph

Highlander Nymph

Grey and Silver Nymph


Gaula Nymph

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Kaninlabbe Quill

A great little pattern from – a Swedish flyfishing/tying magazine.


Spent a evening with some great people tying up this one, will flow very nicely in the water with those white wings! – all hooks updated

Today I finalized the process of re-measuring throat/shank length/eye width on all previously uploaded hooks on! It has been a long process, but now I have the measurements that I want to have going forward, and I’ll be focusing on adding functionality for a while

Had to tie up a silver grey on Kamasan B280 #4: after this endeavor!