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3mm Beads

Bead-size to hook size: there are a lot of references out there that will tell you that this-size bead should match up to that-size hook, but I’m more of a visual guy and like to see how things will be when added to a hook. You can get beads from a lot of suppliers in different variations, but here I am showing a 3.0mm tungsten Bead bought from The hooks presented here are the ones I have available at the moment, working on getting more styles of hooks available and will update this article as I get more.

A 3.0mm bead should be 3.0mm (!) from all suppliers, but you will of course get some small variations in the hole that the hook goes through, so if you get it on might be tricky in the top/lower level of what a bead should be used for in terms of hook size.

I will cover 2.5mm and smaller in a later post

Mustad 94840 #12

Mustad 94840 #14

Mustad 94840 #16

TMC 2457 #10 2457 #12 2557 #14

Daiichi 1260 #12

Knapek Midge Pupae #14 Midge Pupae #16 5263 #12




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