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First Seatrout on fly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack when I was a kid I used to fish a lot (a serious amount!), and my only seatrout ever taken must have been when I was 10-12 years: it was taken on a lure and weighed in at a hefty 2kg! Since then I haven’t taken any seatrout, and since I picked up flyfishing a couple of years back I have never tried much to target them. This year, however, I find myself wanting to expand the (freshwater) trout-season in Oslo, so I have started tying up some flies for saltwater (zonkers, baitfish) to go around the Oslo fjord area targeting seatrout.

On friday after work I got on the bus and headed out to a spot that is supposedly seatrout area. On the second throw two mackerels followed in after my white zonker and on the fifth cast a seatrout was on! Frankly I was a bit shocked when the trout suddenly sprang 50cm up into the air and raced towards land so I never had a chance to keep a tight line. I never landed that one…..

During the afternoon I had several fish very interested in the baitfish, and they were even hitting it and following it in towards land, but nothing actually was hooked. Finally I got this little seatrout on a baitfish, and it had the same behaviour as the first: raced towards land so I ended up with half my line in a tangle after I landed it, but it did end up in my net! So: first ever seatrout on fly, not a big one, but a good start for the winter season here in Oslo.

I put on the orange Rabbit Zonker towards the end and I had one fish on that did the classic *thug-thug*, never hooked properly, and was gone…. That one must have been 1kg plus, but I don’t know if it was a seatrout, so I might head out there again tomorrow to see if it still is in the area!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACan’t complain about the weather on days like this….




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