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52 weeks: 6 – something old Golden Pheasant Topping
Butt: Black Ostrich Herl
Body: UNI-Floss Dark Rust, Lagartun Varnished French Tinsel Oval
Hackle: Veniard Chinese Cock Cape Doctor Blue
Wing: Wapsi Turkey Quill, Peacock
Cheek: Golden Pheasant

For this weeks “Something Old” I tried to find something about the history of the tube fly (since I have been tying a lot of it lately), I found this article talking about the origin of the tube and  Mr. Alexander Wanless who in “The Angler And The Thread Line” from 1932 describes this fly (see the plate on the article referenced). Well: not much of description, rather a picture of it, so I set out with what I had in my box of material (that resembled) and came up with this one. with the main materials:


For this weeks photo challenge: a old memorial coin that I have inherited



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