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Micro Zonker Tube Wapsi Micro Pine Squirrel Zonker Olive
Body: Hareline Chenille, Wapsi Micro Pine Squirrel Zonker Chartreuse
Flash: 4 strands of green flash
Hackle: Wapsi Strung Schlappen Green/Black
Cone: Future Fly Drainer Disc 8mm Metallic Green

Found this video describing how to use zonker on a tube, so I had to give it a go: I have used these micro zonkers before – the movement of these pieces are great. The pattern is really simple with a strip as tail, a strip wrapped around the body and then some hackle to finish it up.

 The rear-view shows how the zonker have been wrapped around the tube: the green disc from futurefly was the perfect match for this olive/green/chartreuese tube


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